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Presentations Help

Presentations are very important part of academic career. Universities require students to make presentations in almost every course they offer. Making a presentation is not an easy task as it requires students to precisely present information on slides and deliver the speech. Students must understand the topic really well to do so. One example of presentations is the explanatory presentation that students make after completing their dissertations or theses. Moreover, these are typically prepared using Microsoft PowerPoint or KeyNote (Apple). To achieve high grades, the students must understand the purpose of making a presentation and how to build it before they attempt doing it.

How to Make Presentations

Presentations are very common and they give an opportunity to students to face the class and professor. Presentations need to be attractive with sufficient information on slides. Additionally, speaker notes much accompany the slides that help students delivery their speech. Students must practice well before going to the class to make their presentation. Students often fail to achieve good marks when making a presentation. There are some basic steps that students can follow to make a presentation. 

The presentation must start with a welcoming or title slide. The first slide should have the key highlights of the presentation . It will give an idea to the assessor about the presentation and its topic. Each slide that follows must address the topic clearly and effectively. Bullet points along with graphical representation is key to success. Moreover, the information provided in slides need to have citations. It will prevent any case of plagiarism. The students should write sufficient details in speaker notes. Generally, a 10-minute presentation will require 3-4 pages of text in speaker notes. The design and content of slides must have clarity to avoid loss of attention of the audience. Furthermore, the conclusion has to be precise. Lastly, Q&A and reference list must follow.

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