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Position Papers Help

Position papers are prepared to serve a position that a student takes on a given topic. Students need to provide their personal views or opinions on an issue or position that they are considering. Such papers require a balance between different ideas supported by comprehensive arguments. Position papers must conclude in a way that the reader is convinced by the arguments given by the student and in somewhat manner agree to the ideas presented in the position paper. The students must understand the purpose of writing a position paper before they attempt doing it.

How to Write Position Papers

Position papers are common in English course. Universities require students to write such papers to determine if they can understand the issue, topic, viewpoint, or discussion regarding a subject. Such papers are similar to reaction papers and essays. Moreover, they follow similar formatting and structure as other academic papers. Students often fail to achieve good marks when writing a position paper. There are some basic steps that students can follow to write a position paper.

The position paper must start with an introduction that tells about the issue or topic and its importance. Furthermore, it should have the position statement that indicates the student’s stance on the topic. Moreover, an outline or approach to the paper in the introduction is a good approach. The next step is to build the main body of the position paper. For this purpose, each paragraph should have supporting arguments that clearly form the basis of the position taken on the issue or topic. Furthermore, the student should avoid making redundant or incomplete comparisons in the paper. Finally, the conclusion must reiterate the basis of position taken in the paper and state whether this position has been conclusive or not. If a student follows these steps and avoid plagiarism then he/she can achieve a high grade.

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