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Formatting Help

Formatting is crucial for all types of assignments including essays, coursework, term papers, dissertations, and research papers, etc. Different citations styles including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, and Oxford, etc. require students to follow specific format requirements. Therefore, it is important for students not only to learn citing methods but also related format styles. Moreover, students must understand that correct formatting is crucial to get high scores.

How to do Formatting

One of the good sources for learning format styles according to different citation styles is Therefore, the information provided on this website can be useful to learn and implemented. Moreover, universities have their own portal that explains different citations styles and ways of completing assignment with the required format styles. Students should spend time on learning these styles as universities or professors also assign certain percentage of total marks to formatting. Moreover, these styles are updated regularly. Therefore, students should keep a check on these updates. Some of the common format features are size 12 font, Times new roman or Arial, and 0.5 inch margin on all four sides of a page.

One of the major tip to format a paper properly according to the citation style is to get familiar with the referencing option in word processing tools. For example, Microsoft Word has referencing option that has different citations styles built in. Moreover, this option allows students to cite information according to the type of sources.

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