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Critical Analysis Help

Critical analysis requires students to evaluate each aspect of the research topic, theory, or journal article and assess whether the information provided in these is accurate and relevant. It is often used for writing literature reviews or dissertation chapter. Students often fail to critically evaluate the information they collect and critically present it in their literature review.

How to Write Critical Analysis

Critical analysis papers require strong descriptive and analytical skills. Therefore, students find it difficult to write such papers for different subjects. For better marks, it is important that they understand and critically discuss information for the completeness of academic paper, relevance to the topic, and any limitations that it may have.

The first of writing a critical analysis paper is to understand the topic and the scope of the report. Secondly, students should collect relevant sources from different sources that are available to them. Moreover, it is important to collect sources that have conflicting views about the topic. It requires careful review of abstracts and methodology adopted in previous studies. The next step is to break down the discussion in smaller ideas and then presenting critical views and discussion on them. Furthermore, it is advisable to combine similar views in paragraphs. It will improve the readability. Moreover, the critical discussion should cover both sides of the argument. One author’s information should be supported or contradicted by another author. Overall, the discussion should argue the central theme of the paper. Furthermore, students should avoid plagiarism by citing all information. The students can achieve high marks by following these steps.

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